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Custom Colorful Electric Cigarette Heart Photo Engraved Lighter USB Power




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MyPhotoLighter offers windproof and USB power rechargeable electric lighters. Personalized engraved photo lighter provides you a quick and easy way to create unique gift and souvenir for father, husband, boyfriend, and collectors at Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday and anniversay. Custom electric lighter is best gift for him.


  • Size: 3.5cm * 7.0cm * 1.0cm
  • Material: Special Alloy
  • Power: by USB
  • Color: Black


    Perfect if you use hemp wick but can light rolled things well enough alone

    Man! This light is so cool and practical! It fits in my cigarette case perfectly and and is a great conversation starter amongst my peers. No more lighter fluid or Bic lighters for me.

    Wayne Davis / Facebook

    Upgrade (slim) model works good so far

    I like the built-in 4-light led battery indicator. It came charged, and I've only had it long enough to need to recharge it once, but it works well, lights better the harder the wind blows, charges with a standard usb charger, and looks nice.

    Rbfore / Facebook

    Amazing electric lighter. No more butane or gas lighters for me.

    I think it’s an amazing product. I love the fact it has a battery status unlike another I purchased but enjoyed just the same. I enjoy this product for the fact that there’s no need for butane, just plug it in, charge, and it will be ready for use in the click of a button.

    BAY / Instagram

    Great lighter!

    I had a coil USB lighter that was horrible. I reluctantly tried this one and WOW what a difference! I love this little lighter! I played with it quite a bit the first day and it held the charge well.

    frisco mama / Facebook

    Great lighter, great value!

    Received the lighter exactly as pictured and described. Appears well-constructed and works very well! Really like the led battery charge indicators. Bought 2 so I could give one to a friend. So nice to not have to buy those disposable ones which I disliked having to throw away.

    Alicia A. Taylor / Facebook

    Best Lighter Ever

    Very easy to use and charge, love how it shows when it's running low.

    Eugene R. Gonzalez / Instagram

    Does as expected. Does have a high pitch sound when on but not bad!

    My husband's been wanting it for a while and got it for an early Christmas present, he absolutely loves it. He now wants 10 more of them they are that great!

    Emily Shields / Facebook


    Received a lighter, the effect is very satisfactory, the work is also very good.

    PaytonHe / Instagram

    Slick lighter! Love it!

    Love this lighter. You never have to cup your hand around a lighter again. It will light in any wind. The charge last quite awhile. It's slim, fits in purse or pocket easily. This is a quality product and I ordered four and gave two as gifts. Both of the people I gave it too tell me it's the best gift I ever gave them, LOL- go figure expensive gifts aren't always the best.

    Mike & Ashleef / Instagram

    Would buy again

    Taked some getting used when going from using a flame lighter to plasma but once you do it's cool. Battery life is unbelievable. Without realizing, I left mine outside on the back porch ledge for at least 2 weeks that contained several rainstorms. When I realized it was out there I just know I killed it. But much to my surprise, I opened the top, punched the igniter and heard chick tis tis tis or whatever that sound it makes when its doing that arching thing that means IT WORKS. Still even had 3 lights showing on battery life. Definitely durable and worth having

    Angel / Facebook

    Really cool!!

    This lighter is really cool! It's lightweight and very sleek looking. It's the perfect size for your purse or pocket. The best feature is - it is rechargeable!! It comes with a charging cord in the box. When you open the top the lights come on indicating how much charge is left. The charge lasts pretty long. It really depends on how often you use it. It's so easy to use. You basically open the top and push a button. Lighters have really come a long way! I haven't used it outside yet but this will be awesome in the wind because there is no flame to blow out

    Carrie / Facebook

    Good Looking and Very Serviceable

    No fingerprints to wipe off - light on an angle so it's easier to use than most - and an easy to read battery counter! You never have to worry about your lighter running out of battery again 'cause this one tells you how much of a charge you still have when you open up the lid so you know when to charge it and when you're still ok. One of the nicest looking lighters I've used and with the consent use of a chain smoker, it lasts me three whole days to wear down the battery before I had to re-charge. Would recommend this wonderful lighter to ANYONE who needs a lighter they can depend on!

    Blaze / Instagram


    I used to go camping a lot, and I got to the point where I would put my lighters in double-bags, because of how often they would crack or turn weird and leak lighter fluid everywhere. Eventually I just gave up and switched to matches and one small emergency lighter. This thing would have been amazing to have instead. It is light, durable, and works so well. The charge last quite a while, so it should go multiple trips without needing charged.

    Garrett Stone / Instagram

    Handy, weighted lighter!

    I really like this lighter! It is, pleasantly, a little heavier than expected. The way it works is that you touch the “flame” to the cigar until it’s lit. The only thing is I wish t he battery were longer lasting. Good idea for self or gifting. Won’t have to waste money buying non-refillable lighters again! This also works nicely for lighting candles. I like it & hope it’s durable enough to last for the long-haul.

    Sammy Stars / Instagram

    Stylish, sophisticated, functional, and a long lasting battery!

    I owned an electronic lighter a few years back and the only disappointing thing was that the battery life was only good enough to light maybe 5-10 things and then after letting it sit a few days, it'd need a recharge. Not this one! This one is perfect in every way. It's sleek, stylish, functional, and the battery has only needed to be charged once since I purchased it over a month ago. I've so far used it about 50+ times and the battery indicator is still at four lights (indicator is 1-4 blue lights once the top is flipped open). I have absolutely no complaints and highly recommend!

    Brandon Manak / Facebook

    I love it.

    I love it. The colors are so bright and the detail in the picture is spot on! ! And it even came earlier than expected which is great. Definitely looking forward to buying from this seller again.

    Lisa / Facebook

    Good Gift for Smokers Comfortable with Tech

    I purchase these for smokers when I need a small gift. It's my go-to idea. It is always received well. Even non-smokers think they are cool and name the other uses for the product if they had one. Might expand and give a few out for the select few that seemed interested. I personally enjoy the USB charging mechanism, but I did find the older folks I gave this to eventually "stopped dealing with the hassle of charging" and went back to buying regular lighters.

    Lisa / Facebook

    Great lighter!

    This lighter is fabulous. The battery lasts me about two to three days. I use it to light my cigarettes and and unlike some others, it is easy to use and lights the cigarette fully. Each push if the button lights for about 7 seconds and is more than adequate in any weather. The seller responded very rapidly to a small problem I was having with my lighter. I highly recommend this lighter.

    Ballousmom / Instagram

    Cool lighter

    Tired of buying plastic lighter, refill ligher won't work for me, it happens so many times I found it was empty and I got nothing to refill that lighter, so I have to drive miles to get that silly lighter. Electric lighter seems work for me as long as I still pay my electric bill, nice and safe design, wish it could be bigger cause I got a big hands, but it's alright, as least it's much bigger than those plastic lighter, love it.

    Harrishems / Facebook

    Great quality very slick expensive look and long battery life

    This is great quality lighter.. at the beginning it sounds very expensive to buy but compared that you wouldn't need any other lighter or any lighter fluid it is actually very cheap at the end... it lasts about a week with 1 charging and very slick design.. overall great quality for the price and 100% wind and rain proof! It has battery level blue LED light display so you know when to charge..

    GRBZ / Facebook